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Our Cannabis Consulting Services

Licensing & Permitting

It all begins with an idea, and we are here to help. AZ Cannabis Consultants will be your ultimate guide through the licensing and permitting process because we understand the byzantine nature of cannabis regulations.

Cultivation, processing, and dispensary licenses are often limited and it is becoming more difficult to obtain them as market competition increases. Applying for and procuring a state license is not only a complex process, but a highly competitive endeavor.

You might only have one chance at submitting an application, so success is your only option. Applying for and obtaining your local and state licenses is the first hurdle to starting your own cannabis business. AZ Cannabis Consultants can help you take the first step.


What’s it worth? That’s a loaded question that AZ Cannabis Consultants will answer with confidence. As a business owner, you have spent endless amounts of time, energy and effort to grow your company into the successful and valuable enterprise it is today.

You’ve probably considered succession planning, whether it be through gifting of stock to other family members or a sale to an unrelated party or management.

Determining the value of your business, and the purpose that it serves, is very important in facilitating your goals as a business owner.

AZ Cannabis Consultants is here to help you through our valuation services in order to maximize the sale price of your business, or to prepare for the gifting of equity to the next generation.

Strategic Planning & Tactical Implementation

AZ Cannabis Consultants works with companies to standardize their operations. This creates the solid foundation for improving efficiency and creates reliable, repeatable processes for multiple locations or for future license expansion into new markets.

Our approach is a collaborative effort of operational best practices tailored to the needs of your cannabis business. We analyze your financial metrics and costing structures to provide a clear path to profitability.

The cannabis industry is constantly evolving and operators frequently need help incorporating new types of products, adjusting for increased volume, or converting from medical to adult-use markets.

We understand change can be difficult. It starts with buy-in; we build the rapport with staff to demonstrate how implementation of new initiatives will make their work lives less stressful and more productive. That’s the AZ Cannabis Consultants difference, what we like to call the ultimate win-win.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions represent high-stakes, high-pressure transitions and many businesses are unprepared. To be successful, they require the proper planning and execution to address the complexities of the cannabis industry.

AZ Cannabis Consultants acts as a valuable partner from start to finish, always keeping your business’ financial goals top-of-mind. The earlier we are brought on board, the better.

Selling your business is a daunting task. Planning is critical and that’s where we step in: we provide expert analysis of potential challenges and risks, guide business leaders to explore potential options, prepare for due diligence, test their financials for validity and identify any potential gaps.

Additionally, we can help with any required migrations or business system changes. Working with AZ Cannabis Consultants during a merger or acquisition means you’ll gain critical oversight along with a clear roadmap to navigate these waters with confidence.

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